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NEW! TclXML Version 3.2 is now available. 15th December 2008.

The TclXML project is a collection of tools and libraries for handling XML documents with the Tcl scripting language. It has Tcl and C based XML parsers, DOM interfaces and XSLT. Steve Ball, from Explain is the original author. All of the packages released by the TclXML project are open source and a number of developers contribute and help maintain them. SourceForge provides infrastructure and hosting services (Subversion, mailing lists, etc.).

Two applications are available to take the hassle out of processing XML: tkxmllint and tkxsltproc. These are GUI equivalents of libxml/libxslt's xmllint and xsltproc, respectively.

TclXML - XML Parsing For Tcl
TclDOM - Document Object Model For Tcl
TclXSLT - XSL Transformations For Tcl
Combo Distribution - Combined Package Binaries
tkxmllint - GUI Application for xmllint
tkxsltproc - GUI Application for xsltproc
TclTidy - Cleanup HTML With Tcl
Xmlgen - Writing XML with Tcl

TclXML Package Family

Starting with version 3.2, the TclXML, TclDOM and TclXSLT packages have been merged into a single package and distribution. Previously, these were three separate packages that had to be downloaded, built and installed individually. Having a single package for XML support makes installation much easier.

Another change for v3.2 is that the Tcl/expat and TclDOM/C (TclDOMPro) have been removed from the TclXML package. Use TclXML/libxml2 instead.

Package Numbering

Starting with version 2.3, the version numbers of the TclXML, TclDOM and TclXSLT packages have been synchronised. From now on, these three packages will be released together, and testing is performed on same numbered distributions. The same version number of the packages should be installed.

In other words, if you install mismatching packages then there is no guarantee that they will work properly.

More About Tcl and XML

The Tcl Developers eXchange has lots of information about the Tcl scripting language.

For more information about XML go to Explain's XML Resources page.