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TclXML version 3.2 now combines all of the TclXML family of packages - TclXML, TclDOM and TclXSLT - so there is now only one binary distribution. Prior to this version, a "combo" distribution was necessary.

Combo distributions for previous versions of TclXML are still available:

  • Mac OS X (10.3). The packages are built as embeddable frameworks, and all dependent libraries (libxml and libxslt) are included. Built against Tcl/Tk 8.5 using XCode.

  • MS Windows (98-XP). Tested with ActiveTcl; remove the version 2.6 TclXML, TclDOM and TclXSLT packages first before installing v3.0 packages.

    These DLLs have been built with MS Visual Studio 2003 .NET. They are dependent on the DLL msvcr71.dll, which is not included. This DLL may be found in the Windows version of either of the tkxmllint or tkxsltproc applications.

Volunteers are needed to provide binaries for platforms not listed above.

Alternatively, ActiveTcl and ActiveState's TclDevKit also include the TclXML (with expat), TclDOM (with libxml2) and TclXSLT packages.