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Many people and organisations are using the TclXML package family for real-world, successful projects. Following are a few that we know of. Feel free to contact Steve Ball, the project lead, to add your own success story.

  • It goes without saying that Explain uses the TclXML package quite extensively for delivering applications that use or manipulate XML. They use TclXML as part of a range of simple to moderately-complex Content Management Systems.

    Another work-in-progress is Packaged Press, a DIY e-publishing service. Tcl and TclXML are used to provide an application framework and Web Services infrastructure, based on the Tcl Web Server.

  • Tcl-URL - the weekly round-up of Tcl news stories is stored in XML and processed using a combination of TclXML (expat), TclDOM and the Tcl Web Server.

    Enquiries to Tcl Developer's eXchange.

  • Solagem Infusion uses TclDOM/libxml2 and TclXSLT for application integration.

  • Binary Evolution use TclXML in their Velocigen product for transforming XML into HTML.

  • Memory Palace is a search engine for RFCs authored in, or converted to, XML.

  • i7 use TclXSLT within Vignette for on-the-fly transformation of XML documents to HTML using XSL stylesheets.